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BL460c G9 - FCoE function UEFI Boot Option

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BL460c G9 - FCoE function UEFI Boot Option

Hi All,

I have a new BL460c G9 with 650FLB LOM adapter.

I have completed the zoning on the upstream HP5900 and have added the host initiators on the 3PAR storage system.

i see the initiators logged into the fabric successfully and the host can see the boot LUN from the adapters FCoE function  settings screen in the blades system configuration menu.

I have added that LUN as the boot device in the 650 FLB FCoE function BIOS. I have also successfully installed the OS on the LUN (OS installed is ESXi5.5 U2) Boot from SAN has been enabled on the adapter.

Everything looks in line with the HPE UEFI boot from SAN guides.

However when I go to select the 650FLB FCoE adapter as a UEFI boot option it is not available (screenshot attached) which of course prevents me from booting the OS as only the IPV4/6 NICS are available as UEFI boot options.

How on Earth do I configure the 650FLB FCoE function as a UEFI boot option?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: BL460c G9 - FCoE function UEFI Boot Option

For anyone who hits this issue, after 6 hours with HPE support it came down to down revving the BIOS and adapter firmware versions.

The newer firmware was not allowing the adapter functions to be written to the BIOS to add the FCoE function as a boot option..