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BL460c Gen 8 diagnostic question

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BL460c Gen 8 diagnostic question

Frank had a BL460c Gen8 question:




Is diagnostics built into the BL460c Gen 8 servers?  How to access: F10?




Reply from Hariom:




All Gen8 have got a built in utility called “Intelligent Provisioning” which has got built in Smartstart diagnostics. This is available on all Gen8 and on BL460c Gen8 too.


This can be launched by pressing F10 button during the POST and if F10 is disabled then we can get in RBSU by pressing F9 >> Server security >> Enable F10 prompt (By default this is enabled, however if someone has disabled then this is the place to enable).


Once you press F10 intelligent provisioning gets loaded >> Perform maintenance >> HP Insight diagnostics  and this will provide the diagnostics capability.




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