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BL460c Gen8 FlexFabric personality

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Occasional Contributor

BL460c Gen8 FlexFabric personality

I recently bought a number of BL460c Gen8 blades for our C7000 cabinets equipped with HP/Cisco B22 Blade Fabric Extenders.


I want to change the personality of the virtual FlexFabric NIC from iSCSI to NIC-only. I've tried doing this using the NIC firmware and using the OneCommand manager, but the result is the same; I make the change and reboot the server, and the NIC personality changes back to iSCSI again.


What am I doing wrong?





Valued Contributor

Re: BL460c Gen8 FlexFabric personality

I suspect that your problem may be due to  the "personality option" ordered and installed when the Blade was ordered.


When you ordered a new BL460 Gen 8 blade, one of the options you must select is "how" you are going to use the Flex NIC's on board.  I think you had a choice of: 10GbE NIC's, iSCSI, Converged network, or flex NIC's. This option is what is causing you to continue to see the adapters as iSCSI. You will need to purchase a different personality option for Blade.





Occasional Contributor

Re: BL460c Gen8 FlexFabric personality

Thank you.


Do you know if it's possible to do this after the fact? What should I ask my sales guy for?