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BL460c Gen8 Not Picking Up EBIPA IP Address

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BL460c Gen8 Not Picking Up EBIPA IP Address

Reginald had a customer quesiton:




Customer has some BL460c Gen8 servers in an enclosure that appear to be holding on to IP addresses based on the old location. We’ve moved the blades around, done a reset of the OA, upgraded the ILO firmware and they still have the old IP address. Is there a way to force the server to pick up the EBIPA IP address for that slot?




Input from Hoa:

Connect a monitor and keyboard to SUV dongle, restart the server, press F8 as iLO4 prompt appears (not F8 for ORCA), reset iLO to default value (, server should get new IP from EBIPA IF you put a check mark ‘enable’ for that bay upon boot up.       If that fail, get back in iLO4 from F8 prompt put in its static value.


Info from Will:

Dumb question, but is the iLO IP address statically set in the F8 iLO RBSU?  This will override the EBIPA address settings.  Also, you can send this iLO script to reset the blade’s iLO to DHCP:


hponcfg X << @  <-----Replace X with the Device bay # of the blade



  <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Dontcare" PASSWORD="UsingAutologin">

    <RIB_INFO MODE="write">








Hope this helps!




Any other suggestions?



Re: BL460c Gen8 Not Picking Up EBIPA IP Address

To blade receives address from EBIPA, iLO network settings must be "DHCP". Is it right for you?