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BL460c Gen8 System Power Fault Detected

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BL460c Gen8 System Power Fault Detected

Hello everyone, 
This BL460c Gen8 failed a month ago and the message was the following

description=System Power Fault Detected (XR: 10 A2 MID: FF CD FC D7 03 13 13 AA 20 00 00 EE 01 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

and the status from OA board for this blade was

> show server status 11
Blade #11 Status:
	Power: Off
	Current Wattage used: 0
	Health: Failed
	Unit Identification LED: Off
	Virtual Fan: 0%
	Diagnostic Status:
		Internal Data        OK
		Management Processor OK
		I/O Configuration    OK
		Power                OK
		Cooling              OK
		Device Failure       Failed
		Device Degraded      OK
		iLO Network          OK

The bios version was   I31 , Release Date: 05/24/2019

I tried resetting it ( reset server 11 ) and pulling the blade out a few minutes and replugging it
but it didn't work.
Would it possible to decipher that error message to identify which part(s) need to be replaced
in order to keep it as a spare.

Thank you


Re: BL460c Gen8 System Power Fault Detected

Hello GabrielTz  & welcome!

If you have tried a physical reseat on the server bay & considering the BIOS is at a good level, as a last resort you may try reseating other components as well like CPU and memories. If there is no change, export AHS report & a show all report from Onboard Administrator and log a case to HPE support so to decipher that alert.

If needed, below you may find the instructions on how to collect the diagnostic information:

Use HP iLO to download the Active Health System


HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator - How to Make "SHOW ALL" Inventory Report


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