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BL460c Gen9 + D2220sb

Patrick Neuner
Regular Advisor

BL460c Gen9 + D2220sb


according to D2220sb QuickSpecs ( one needs Smart Array P246br Controller OR B140i SATA Controller to connect Storage Blade to Gen9 BL460c Blade Server.

As we only want to PASSTHROUGH HDDs (no RAID) from the Storage Blade to the OS (using Software defined SAN) - I wanted to ask if B140i would be enough for this Scenario? Or are there some downsides when connecting the Storage Blade to B140i Controller?

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

PS) Are there IOPS Limitations on B140i for Passthrough Drives? (Want to connect multiple SSDs)
PPS) One Question for deeper understanding Storage Blade - why is there a Built-in P420i Raid Controller within the Storage Blade when I also need a Controller on the Blade? Which Controller is in charge of the HDD/SSDs?

Patrick Neuner
Regular Advisor

Re: BL460c Gen9 + D2220sb

no ideas?