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BL460c Gen9 Error clarification

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BL460c Gen9 Error clarification


we have a BL460c Gen9 that is giving errors.

Before ordering warranty parts i would like to know which one to order.

Below is a picture of the errors we are getting.



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Re: BL460c Gen9 Error clarification

Looks like a memory issue, start by removing the affected memory and test the server, if issue is resolved then order the same part.


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Re: BL460c Gen9 Error clarification

Memory or CPU...

Try to reseat the CPU and all RAM, that helps sometimes. Also check if the CPU socket and CPU contacts are perfectly clean.
If that does not help run HP diagnostic to find out what memory it could be.

Or just take out all RAM and leave only a minimum inside. See what happens...

Ans remember, it could also be the CPU. Is it a two processor machine? Try using only one... and then the other (always in CPU socket 1). Does the problem go away?

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