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BL460c cant ping Chassis or Network

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BL460c cant ping Chassis or Network

I Just got my C7000 Blade Chassis Setup up and running finally, and I got pretty much everything going except this one thing. This is what I have currently Setup

C7000 Chassis

2x Cisco Catalyst 3020 Switches in Interconnect 1 and 2 Slots

1x BL460c Blade Server (No Mezzanine Cards) in Blade Slot 1

I have a single Ethernet Port Connected (Gi0/17) to my network at the moment (Starting simple), with my C7000's ILO Plugged in as well to the same network. I have a simple network with no VLANs configured as of yet (I intend to in the near future). I am pretty sure since its in the 1st Blade slot, that the Gi0/1 is connected (shows as green)

I can iLO into the chassis fine, I can Access the Switch through web (using IP) and Telnet, and I can ping both my iLO and the Switch with no issues and the switch can ping back as well. However, the Blade, cannot ping the Switch, Cannot ping the Router or anything else on the network.

I have read quite a few documents but I cant seem to grasp what the difference is between a passthrough card and a regular switch like the one I have, or if I need Mezzanine cards (From what I understand Mezzanine Cards are used if you are going to be adding devices to Interconnect slots 3-8)

I am running HyperV 2016 on the blade, and both my Interfaces (Cisco Switches) Appear to show as networking devices in the OS. I just simply cannot ping anything from "inside" the chassis.

What am I doing wrong? Did I miss a step? Please Help!