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BL460cG6 NIC and SmartArray firmware upgrade - how to do this offline?

Trusted Contributor

BL460cG6 NIC and SmartArray firmware upgrade - how to do this offline?

Lawrence was looking for guidance and direction on how to upgrade NIC firmware in an offline mode:



Hello Team,


I have a customer who is deploying 10x C7000 enclosures, fully populated with BL460cG6 blades.


This is a green field site, so the blade servers do not have any operating system on them.


This is the versions that I have recommended the customer.


C7000 Onboard Administrator – 3.10

C7000 Virtual Connect firmware  - 2.33


BL460cG6 BIOS version – 2010.03.30

Embedded iLO2 firmware - 1.82

Power Management Controller – 3.4D

SAS HDD firmware – whatever comes with the DVD ver 9.00

Embedded Smart Array P410i controller – 3.30 *

Firmware for Qlogic QMH2562 8Gb FC Mezz controller – 2010.03.17

Firmware for embedded NC532i dual port Flex-10 10GbE Broadcom NIC – *


The items with the asterix are items which are only available as ONLINE upgrades.


How do I upgrade these components to the latest version if I do not have an operating system on the server?


These are brand new machines, so it’s a “bare metal”, so to speak.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


David answered Lawrence:


Do you have Insight Control licenses?  Drop them into a PXE boot image and use Insight Control server deployment…



Any other words of wisdom for Lawrence? Should this do the trick? David is pretty savvy.