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BL460cG7 no power up

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BL460cG7 no power up

Andreas had a G7 question:




Hello all,


a CE called in today and described a strange behavior.


They populated a C7000 with 2x BL870c I2 and some BL460c G7, where both BL870c i2 are at the leftmost slots.

( used slots 1,2,9,10 and 3,4 11, 12 for the itanium blades )


Then the partner decide to change that configuration and the 460G7 should be at the left slots.

Now the BL460G7 at slot 2 and 4 cannot be powered on !!!!

They are working fine at all other slots.

OA3.21 and VC 3.15, ilo3 1.16


This happens on 4 enclosures and in the OA logs there is nothing.


Any idea ??




He found his own answer:






Removing or deleting the VC profile did the trick !!




Sounds good that the problem is fixed. Have you seen this behavior?