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BL465 G1 Smart Array E200i firmware flash 1.20 failure

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BL465 G1 Smart Array E200i firmware flash 1.20 failure

Hi, I've got a BL465 G1 blade server with SA E200i raid controller with firmware 1.20, which is really old (first release). 


There are many versions after this that contains bug fixes.  When I download the Windows (server runs Windows 2003 32-bit) online firmware upgrade from HP support site, I can run them locally (save exe in C:\temp example), and the program always report flash succeeded, but after the mandatory reboot, the firmware is still at 1.20 (as indicated by the BIOS boot up sequence).  I've tried upgrade to E200i firmware of: 1.66, 1.72, 1.82, 1.86 - they all failed to upgrade.


I also tried boot firmware CD & flash from there, which again reports the upgrade was "successful", but it always revert back to 1.20.  And finally I tried using VCA to do the job, and the same thing happens.


Anyone has any other idea on what can I do perhaps?



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