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BL465c G1/NC370i - Poor Network Performance

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BL465c G1/NC370i - Poor Network Performance

Good morning.  I've got a BL465c G1 running Windows Server 2008 x64 (pre R2) as Core with only File Services enabled.  The server was built about 6 years ago, is SAN-attached to our EVA6100 to act as a file server for our CIFS clients, but it does boot locally from a 2x72GB SFF/SAS RAID1 volume.  The LOMs (NC370i) are configured in the default NIC team, using TLB/FT.  We've recently identified very poor performance when copying files TO the server, only achieving <340-380 Mbps transfer rates and achieving about twice that transfer rate when copying files FROM the server (normal for TLB).


While the OS is fully patched, the drivers for the LOMs (NC370i) were a little older and the NCU was a little old.  I actually ended up building an identical BL465c G1 with a clean build of the same OS/patch level and used the latest SPP, drivers and NCU to see how it stacked up against the original server and we achieved near maximum speed transfer rates of 700-800 Mbps for the NIC team.  I thought that upgrading the original server's firmware, drivers and NCU to the same level would net the same results, but only saw an incremental improvement (420-475 Mpbs)


Both the original and test servers reside in the same c7000 enclosure and are using the same 4x1GbE EtherChannel/SUS connections, as well as the same mapped VLAN, so I think I can exclude the VC-E modules or upstream switch as the issue.  I'm opening a support case with HP, but in the meantime thought I checked with the brains on the forum.  Is there any other configuration change I can make to improve the transfer rates?


Re: BL465c G1/NC370i - Poor Network Performance

You may try disabling TCP offload engine and see if that helps.

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