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Re: BL465c G7 upgrade from 6100 to 6200 Opteron?


Re: BL465c G7 upgrade from 6100 to 6200 Opteron?



A similar document may not be available for BL465c G7 server.

Please refer to this document:


The HP ProLiant G7-series servers with AMD Opteron 6200-series 4-core processors require a minimum System ROM version dated 12/28/2011 for proper operation.


Version:2011.12.28 (17 Feb 2012)
Added support for 4-core AMD Opteron 6200-series processors. While 4-core AMD Opteron 6200-series processors would boot and appear to work with previous revisions of the System ROM, this revision is the minimum required for proper operation.


If the system ROM in your server is above this version then the server supports 6200 Opteron.

If you want to upgrade the System ROM then you will require a valid entitlement to download the firmware.


QuickSpecs for your server:



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