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BL490 G7 questions

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BL490 G7 questions

Hi All,


We normally use BL460 G7's but don't really use the P410i and front drives as we current get disks from a pair of MDS600's


Questions is what are the BL490 G7's like  ? Are they just a fast as the BL460c G7's as far as the motherboards go ?


Anything else I should know about them beforewe start using them ?


Regards, Daniel


Re: BL490 G7 questions




You may refer to the server's QuickSpecs for more information. It provides in detail the processors, the speed and type of memory and hard disk that can be installed in the server.


Hope this helps you!







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Re: BL490 G7 questions

I think the main difference is 12 vs. 18 DIMM slots, but no spinning internal disks (BL490cG7)

Hope this helps!

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