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BL660-Gen8 FLB port assignment questions

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BL660-Gen8 FLB port assignment questions

A port mapping question from Bob:




Can someone confirm the behavior of a BL660 Gen8 with a single FLB.

If a blade is in slot 3, should the NIC ports show for port 3 or 11 ?


My customer was expecting the 1st FLB to show as port 3. I figure both 3 & 11 would be valid for a full slot blade.


Please confirm “normal” or expected behavior.




Info from Norman:




For your reference. A single image depicting the port mapping assignments for various blade formats.


Note that the term LOM should be replaced/substituted for FLB for ProLiant Gen8 or later.


Note that I/O Capacity will have changed with the introduction of the 20GB Ethernet capability.



Another companion image to explain port mapping (full height single-wide) to customers:





And info from Will:




Yes, this is as designed.  Here is a screenshot of a BL660 I have in the lab:




Notice the blade is in Device Bay 1 and the FLB is only using port 9 (covered bottom bay port).


Here is another BL660 with 2x FLBs installed:




This one has FLB2 mapped to port 1.  Hope this helps.