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BL680G5 CPU covers/ Heatsink blanks

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BL680G5 CPU covers/ Heatsink blanks

Robert needed to help a customer with some server info:




I have a customer who need to remove some BL680 G5 CPUs as they have more than they need in the blade servers.


I have advised that they would need to cover the CPU sockets and fit heatsink blanks to maintain protection and air flow.


If anyone has the part numbers for these two components could you let me know?




Chris had the info for Robert:




The below is available from the Maintenance and Service Guide.



Miscellaneous hardware kit  453937-001

a)      FBDIMM baffle, left, with battery pack retainer

b)      FBDIMM baffle, right

c)       Chassis rear support

d)      Processor blank

e)      Front panel/hard drive cage assembly with front panel LED assembly




This should help.