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BL680c G7 Memory problem

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BL680c G7 Memory problem

Hello all.


Situation here, three  absolute identical blades, i/e fw. versions, rom settings, hw configuration. One of the blades once start generating ASR Events and restarts with memory failtures on dimm block xxxx, support replaced mainboard than strange thing occurs. Blade with replaced mainboard reserves 32Gb of ram, so only 224 of 256Gb of ram available for os. In memory test that memory block not available. Settings, Hardware rev, Fw revisions are same across all blades. 


Tried already.

1) Reseat memory modules.

2) Replace memory modules.

3) Reseat|Replace Corresponding CPU.

4) To exclude OS Failture booted from another blade LUN ( we use boot from san )


Sorry my bad english, it's not native to me. Any suggestions other from summon support tech's again ?



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Re: BL680c G7 Memory problem

I have seen this before.  Check the BIOS settings for memory reservations (or perhaps just restore BIOS to default settings and work from there).   Also within Windows open msconfig, select the 'Boot' tab, click 'Advanced options' and see if your 'Maximum Memory' option is set to anything.



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Re: BL680c G7 Memory problem

I agree it sounds like a BIOS Setting.

Use CONREP for Windows/Linux to dump the BIOS Settings on a "good" machine and again on this one with the 32GB reservation issue and then simply run a file compare against the 2 dump files to quickly identify differences in BIOS Settings.