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BL685c G6 updated to latest fmwr, drivers continuously rebooting

Occasional Collector

BL685c G6 updated to latest fmwr, drivers continuously rebooting

I have a BL685c G6 server running Windows 2008 Standard x64 with two NC542m Mellanox NICs installed and successfully running.  I updated using the latest firmware CD, then updated drivers using the latest Smartstart DVD 8.70.  Windows freezes during boot and continuously reboots.  I have re-installed the OS using Smartstart 8.60 and this still happens.  If I remove the NC542m Windows boots with no problem.  The windows system log shows an event

Source:        mlx4_bus


MLX4_SF_68_0_0: HCA FW version 2.7.606 is not supported. Use 2.7.9000 or higher.


But I haven't seen any way to update the fw on this particular network adapter.  I'm stuck!  Any ideas?