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BL685c G7 - core disable capability?

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BL685c G7 - core disable capability?

Richard had a question on the new BL685c G7 blade:






I'm sure I'm just making heavy going on finding the answer for this but a customer just asked me about the individual core disable capability on the BL685c G7 and whether it was the same as the later G6's where individual cores could be disabled. I'm either looking in the wrong place or it isn't well documented what the capability is on the new AMD processors, whether it's any different, the option is still there etc.


Anyone played with a AMD-G7 to confirm what options are available in the BIOS, or can someone point me in the right direction.




Terry ran their new BL685c G7 to get the answer:






Just looked at the one in our lab,


“Valid entries are Even Core counts. Entering an incorrect value will not change present setting.”




So, it is different in the new AMD processor series. No disabling one processor at a time. Comments?