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BL685c's PXE looping causing Virtual Connect to have serious issues...

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BL685c's PXE looping causing Virtual Connect to have serious issues...

Christian was looking for advice on a PXE boot issue:




Hi All, appreciate any advice with regards to the following…


I know this is a previously identified issue, and it’s simple enough to have servers turned off, so they don’t attempt PXE booting over and over, and thus the issue won’t happen.


However, I’ve had two servers receive power on signals from somewhere over night and have quickly reduced VC to its knees in the enclosure.


The iLO log shows the following:


Power on request received by: Wake On LAN.


Is there any way to identify where and why a Wake On LAN signal was sent to these two blades only?


The OA is configured with Device Power Sequence disabled for all the blades. Automatically Power On Server is set to ‘on’ in the iLO configuration, but that is the same for a bunch of other turned off blades, and they are still off as desired.


Any thoughts?




Edwin had some info:




Virtual Connect v3.17 will fix the VC issue you are talking about.

From the VCM v3.17 Reease Notes:

...Resolved two slow, small memory leaks that occurred in association with port link state changes. In

reoccurring conditions, such as a server continuously repeating a PXE boot sequence that persisted for

an extended period of days, the memory leaks would eventually result in degraded performance of the

module and an eventual module...




Here is a link to the VCM v3.17 release notes: