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BL860C i2 Network Communication Failure

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BL860C i2 Network Communication Failure

Mark had a network question for his BL860c i2 blades






We just installed two BL860CI2 servers into a C7000 chassis with Cisco 3020 Interconnect modules. The chassis is running OA firmware version 3.11. I am able to communicate just fine with the ILO mgmt port on the two servers, but cannot get networking going with the built-in FLEX-10 NICs. From an OS perspective I can configure LAN0 just fine, but am unable to ping any hosts inside or outside the enclosure that are on the same subnet and VLAN.


The servers are both configured wit hpux 11.31 September 2010 release. The Cisco switch is running 12.2(40)SE2. Would anyone know if by chance the BL860CI2 is not compatible with the Cisco 3020, or if the version of the OS would be preventing communication?




Alexei had some help:




I think, you have to upgrade Cisco IOS to v 12.2.50 and later...





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