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BL860c i2 PXE boot fails

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BL860c i2 PXE boot fails

Stephen was having troubles get PXE boot to work on his new Integrity servers:



I have just installed 2x BL860c i2 and believe I have carried out the necessary checks/steps for configuration. All firmware is at latest, as per iLO. This is in a C7000 with VC-Flex-10 and VC-FC 8Gb modules


I attempt to PXE boot over Core LAN port 1 (and 2), but end up with “PXE-E99: Unexpected network error”.


The PXE request is picked up by a deployment server and a menu is presented allowing selection of install from an Ignite server.  I have used this method successfully for non-i2 Blades.     Immediately after choosing the “HP-UX/Ignite” menu item from the console I get the above PXE error.


I updated the Ignite server to the latest version of Ignite, and I made the necessary changes to the PXE server  - uploading the revised boot files.  Non-i2 Blades are picking-up the later version of INSTALL files etc OK.


Have I missed anything to set/change on the BL860c-i2?   Or somewhere else?   (The configuration settings allow PXE boot from LOM 1 and 2, is there a minimum firmware version for LoMs?  How do I see the current version?)


Serge suggested:


Another  validation can be done on the network area. Make sure that   the Ignite server and your Blade environment can access the native network. 



Are you using the new Integrity servers? Let us know if you are having PXE boot issues. Any other suggestions for Stephen?