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BL860c i2 stuck at Launch Boot Manager

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BL860c i2 stuck at Launch Boot Manager

Stephen needed some help:




A BL860c i2 has behaved very well until I (mis-)configured for Boot from SAN.  Installation etc went well to SAN disk, but then I started playing with the EFI menus for adding boot file entries etc.


Problem is I have gotten the state of the system to hang at EFI_LAUNCH_BOOT_MANAGER.

How can I recover from here? – I have tried reset and re-power, but can’t get past this state.




Thomas had some suggestions to try:




Check all of your available console ports (iLO serial console, VGA).  You may have accidently disabled the active console you were using prior to the OS install.




And then Stephen got the answer to his problem:




For anyone else with this problem, it is resolved by:


1)      Reset MP:  CM> xd –r –nc

2)      Recycle power: pc –cycle –nc


Thanks to Gil.




Hope that helps you if you get stuck.