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BL860ci2 with tape blade in c3000

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BL860ci2 with tape blade in c3000

Dennis needed some clarification:






Can anyone tell me why only one tape blade is supported in a C3000 (slot8)?





Monty chimed in:




The Quickspec text appears to be giving an example for a full-height server in bay 3 – the tape blade must be installed in bay 8 and a PCI Pass-Thru Mezz must be installed in Mezz 3 (see the particular full-height server Quickspec on any bay or Mezz3 dependency).


The enclosure tech brief for the c7000 and c3000 indicate the device bay crosslinks used between servers and partner blades. 

  • There is no preferred direction to the device-bay crosslink. 
  • The crosslinks only connect the two bays that are between the steel partition panel that separate pairs of bays in each enclosure.
  • PCI Pass Thru Mezz card may be required for a full-height server to use a device bay crosslink – see the particular server Quickspec for any dependency


This means for half-height servers, the partner can be placed to the left or right of the server within a partition – for instance bays 3 and 4 are in the same partition, so the server and partner can be placed in either bay 3 or bay 4.




However Dennis wanted more:




Hi Monty,


But the quickspec specifically states:-


“1 Ultrium tape blade per c3000 enclosure”. See screenshot below.


Also, the Ultrium tape installation manual only lists slot8 as being supported for the c3000.


I would like to know why we cannot have 2 tape blades per c3000 enclosure (1per bl860ci2)

e.g. an Ultrium in 6 & 8, a bl860ci2 in 1 & 3




To which Vincent replied:




I vaguely remember a mechanical problem: to put a HH blade and a FH blade in the same quadrant, you need to install a small divider that divides only one half of the quadrant and in the c3000 that divider can only be installed hanging off the top of the enclosure, i.e. dividing slots 4 & 8, so the FH blade would go in slots 3&7 and the HH in slot 8.




Then Rodrigo added:




Hi all,

    For the bl860c "i2" the Pass Through mezz card is not needed, and should not be used. The PCIe links come directly from the blade. So the mezz3 slot can be used for other IO mezz cards.


    The only blade that uses the Pass Through card is the BL860c (Tahiti). The new Integrity i2 blades do not use the pass through.


    Hope this helps.




Any other help?