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BL860i C2 and FlexFabric module support?

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BL860i C2 and FlexFabric module support?

Kim had a question on Integrity servers and VC FlexFabric Modules:




Hi Guys


I know that the Bl860i C2 is not supported with FlexFabric Modules as it does not support the CNA adapter yet


However it has a Flex-10 nic


Customer wants to mix a few BL870C i2 blades and BL465G7 blades in the same chassis.


BL465G7 will run FCoE through the FlexFabric module


The BL860i C2 will run Ethernet in Flex10 mode, and using separate HBA and VC SAN modules


Will this work… having Flexfabric running in flex10 mode towards the BL860????, and fabric mode towards the 465G7



My guess is yes




John joined in:




Hi Kim,


Yes, Flex-10 NICs will work with the FlexFabric adapter, and you are correct, all four logical devices will be configured as Flex NICs vs. the 3:1 ratio for CNA adapters.  






Vincent also agreed that it should work.

Any other comments or suggestions?