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BL870c i2 moving to another Enclosure

Pramod M
Regular Advisor

BL870c i2 moving to another Enclosure

Hi Experts,


We have a plan to move one of our BL870c i2 Server from existing C7000 enclosure to a new Blade Enclosure. Is there any special steps to be carried out for this. Hope I can proceed like the belwo steps.

1. Shut down the Server

2. Remove the Blade interconnect (between two BL 860c i2)

3. Pull out the Monarch Blade and install it on new Enclosure.

4. Pull out the 2nd Blade and install it on new Blade Enclosure.

5. Connect the Blade interconnect.

6. Configure iLO.

7.Create and assaign Server Profiles

8. Power up Blade


Hope this will start up with same h/w and device paths. We have configured APA failover Group on network interfaces using 2 NICs. Hope this will not get disturbed. FC was using passthrough.





Honored Contributor

Re: BL870c i2 moving to another Enclosure

Before starting the operation, check the OA firmware level on the new enclosure and make sure it is new enough to support BL870c i2. Older OA firmwares may fail to recognize the server model and prevent it from powering up.


Other than that, your procedure looks good to me.