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BL890c i2: Onboard Administrator question

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BL890c i2: Onboard Administrator question

Chuck had a customer problem:




I have a customer who wants to see all of the configured RAM in a BL890c i2 using the Onboard Administrator.  They say it only shows one of the four component blades at a time.  They want to see the RAM for the entire BL890 (4 blades total).  Any idea what they are doing incorrectly?




Monty responded to Chuck




The OA displays each of the blades individually and for a multi-blade partition and notes the Monarch bay, and you will notice that there is no iLO for any of the other blades in the partition.  In addition, all the bays in a partition are noted as partner blades and all these bays are noted in every blade info view.  The OA GUI also displays a rectangle for the board linking the partition together.


We had to stick with this paradigm for a number of design reasons including preserving the API used by Virtual Connect and VCEM.


If you could imagine a blade info page listing all the cores, all the DIMMs, all the mezz cards across four bays.  Same goes for thermal logic and port mapping. 




Comments? Suggestions?