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Re: Battery-backed write cache option being removed from BL460c G7 blade

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Battery-backed write cache option being removed from BL460c G7 blade

Some latest info for you regarding issues we have seen with the BL460c G7 servers and the Battery-Backed Write Cache module. We are recommending customers use the Flash-Backed Write Cache module for this server.



From Dan, who is the BL460c Product Manager.


The 512MB BBWC option for the embedded RAID controller will no longer be offered on the BL460c G7.   The stand-alone battery option for the 256MB write cache module also won’t be offered.  The preferred solution is to use the 512MB or 1GB FBWC (flash-backed write cache) options.


Customers who already have the BBWC option installed are fine and still supported.   We’d like people to use the more advanced flash-backed cache for new systems, though.


These are the part numbers that won’t be configurable on the BL460c G7 anymore:

* HP 650 mAh P-Series Battery  462969-B21

* HP 512MB P-Series Battery Backed Write Cache Upgrade 462967-B21


Here’s what HP recommends you use instead:

* HP 512MB Flash Backed Write Cache 534916-B21

* HP 1GB Flash Backed Cache 534562-B21


For more info on flash-backed write caches, see the Flash Backed Write Cache topic (starting page 20) in the Smart Array Controller technology whitepaper:



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Re: Battery-backed write cache option being removed from BL460c G7 blade

I work in classified computing, and under government regulations all removable writable media must be accounted for. This poses some problems when it comes to flash-backed write cache.


The modules are, as far as our regulators are concerned, no different from a disk drive, and therefore must be labelled with the classification information and contract number, tracked by serial number and inventoried periodically, and must be removed and destroyed when the system reaches the end of its life since there's no bulletproof way to fully sanitize flash-based media.


If HP is moving away from battery-only write caches, which can be sanitized by removing the power for 60 seconds, then it's going to create a new assortment of paperwork and headaches for those of us in the classified computing universe..