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Best practice for setting bios for Gen8 and Gen9 server blades

Trusted Contributor

Best practice for setting bios for Gen8 and Gen9 server blades

Alain had a customer question on setting BIOS parameters for blades:




My customer is asking what is the best tool to use to setup the bios for Gen8 and Gen9 servers ?


  1. Restful API
  2. HP PowerShell script
  3. Conrep



Input from Kelly:

Personally – I say conrep.


I really like the Restful API, but it is not available for BIOS in Gen8 (as far as I know)

HP PowerShell script – not sure I have heard of a pure HP powershell solution, I would think you would have to wrap conrep inside of it.


Today, conrep is available in windows, linux, and ESXi.    Find it in the STK, and embedded in the HP ESXi images.


Also – make sure they use the latest version, there are items/issues getting fixed, especially with the initial releases with the Gen9 support.


And from Brian:

I am not a SME on any of these but I am aware of a useful link into the HP Enterprise Information Library to a wealth of info (videos, release notes, user guides) on the Restful API which might help inform your discussion:




Other suggestions?