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Bl25p G1 and MSA1000

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Bl25p G1 and MSA1000

Hi everybody

I have a BL25p G1 with the standard Qlogic double port fibre channel controller. It's in a standard enclosure, holding 2 GbE2 switches, with the SAN-kit installed on each of them (module inside the switch and 8-port fabric module in the back). I connected this to an MSA1000 which has a 2/6 SAN switch installed. I tried connecting using only the A-side GbE2, only the B-side GbE2 and using both GbE2's, all with the same results:

HP Array COnfiguration Utility can detect the MSA1000 and I can manage all settings, including deleting, creating or editing arrays and logical disks. I can see the disk in disk management using Windows Server 2008 R2, I can bring it online, but attempting to create a volume on the disk results in a crash. The disk is not visible in windows explorer.


I have tried the same with a different MSA1000 which holds a 2/8 SAN switch, but the results were exactly the same. I have used both MSA1000's on dell servers with a PCI Qlogic fibre channel adapter, everything worked fine.


So there must be a problem on the blade side. IF anyone has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for your wisdom.