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Bl460C Gen9 opcode 6 error post code 450

eduard vrieling_1
Occasional Contributor

Bl460C Gen9 opcode 6 error post code 450

After a reboot of two new blades bl460c gen9  I have an opcode error 6 and it stops at post code 450.

I already have tried a cold boot, a reset, reset of the blade slot. I even tried the f9, f10 and f11. they stop wordking and I recieve an opcode 6 error.

The are in an c7000 with firmware 4.30.  

I included a print screen of one of the two servers.



Re: Bl460C Gen9 opcode 6 error post code 450





Was the Operating system installed in Legacy Mode and then the Boot Mode changed to UEFI mode or vice versa?


Were any changes made to other settings in RBSU?


Could more information about the issue be provided?





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eduard vrieling_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Bl460C Gen9 opcode 6 error post code 450

I think the following problem is the cause of the opcode error.

From our eva storage and our Purestorage we connect, through a glassboard, a lot of lun's . The booting time of the blade is longer the more lun's we connect.

I think there is a threshold  if we connect less lun's the server boots correctly.  Only the booting time is longer than if there are no lun's connected to the server.

Is there a threshold?

At this moment we are connecting 32 lun's to the blade server