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Blade 465c C7000 ILo Issues

Grimaldy Soto
Frequent Advisor

Blade 465c C7000 ILo Issues

First the background.

Days ago I realize about the notification by HP for change the power Supply (s) of C7000 Chassis, a prerequisite for run the tool to see if you need the change you must upgrade the Onboard firmware administrator, all went just fine and I could change all my power supply (s).

Days later I need to connect to one of our 465c servers but I realize that I couldn't, when try to I received the enter your user name & password instead of the automatically login when you are connecting via onboard admin, I put the user name and password and nothing happens.

I try to connect directly one by one server but when I did that I don't even received the certificate or the activex notification.

After all this I realize that we have the old ILO version, so I upgrade all the Server to the last version as the compatibility Matrix as for and also the last BIOS.

But still I cannot connect via ILO to my servers.

What Should I do.

Best Regards



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Grimaldy Soto
Frequent Advisor

Re: Blade 465c C7000 ILo Issues

The feature which is not working is called single sign-on (SSO).