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Blade HP Proliant Bl 660c GenB

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Blade HP Proliant Bl 660c GenB

What is the most cost effective enclosure that I can use with a Single Bl660c model.

I just need an ethernet port, USB and VGA capability


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Re: Blade HP Proliant Bl 660c GenB

Hello @Alan147


Have you found the enclosure you need?  You have several options but I would recommend you connect with someone here at HP who can go deeper into your requirements to make sure you get what you need.  Here is information to get you started:


The c7000 enclosure has Ethernet, USB, and VGA connectors.  Page 7 of the Quick Step Instructions shows how to connect these cables.


The c3000 enclosure supports interconnect modules for Ethernet capability.  It also has an optional KVM module for connecting the c3000 to an in-rack KVM switch or HP TFT 7600 Rack Mount.  The KVM module provides a VGA connector and two additional USB connectors for the enclosure.  Page 7 of this White Paper will give you more details. 


The c7000 enclosure is the better choice for enterprise data center applications, while the c3000 enclosure is more suitable for remote sites or small business environments.


If you would like to speak with one of our experts to answer your questions more specifically, I am happy to arrange a call for you.

I am an HP employee in the ISS, Storage and Networking group, and I love helping our customers. If my post helps you, please mark it as an Accepted Solution. If you need further insight into HP Solutions, please send me a private message or contact an HP Solutions Expert.
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Re: Blade HP Proliant Bl 660c GenB

The most cost effective solution is:
1) A Chassis you already own
2) Return it and buy a DL560 instead which is the same model but in a Rackmount.

Past that, a c3000 with a single 1Gb Switch like the 6125G would be the cheapest.