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Blade Logical Drive Conversion - Raid Help!

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Blade Logical Drive Conversion - Raid Help!

Mike had a logical drive partitioning question:



I have a customer that has some blades setup with 1 logical drive, 1 physical drive raid 0, and they need to configure that logical drive with two physical drives raid 0/1 mirroring.  Is there any way to do this without completely rebuilding the logical drive?  Can we edit the current logical drive with the desired parameters so we don’t have to redeploy the OS, etc?




From Dan:




Not sure if you ever solved this but someone else just posted a similar question and answer.

You need the BBWBC or FBWBC for this to work.

Go into the ACU (the GUI, not the F8 text mode) and select “Expand” the array.

This will give you an option then to select the 2nd drive and create a mirror.




Mike indicated that this procedure worked. Have you done this a different way? Please share.