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Blade Power-On issue

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Blade Power-On issue

Dan had a power-on question:






Is there any way to disable the blade from startup on enclosure power up, beside going into each individual iLO.  Looking to see if there is something I can set on the OA.





Jeroen replied: 

Yeah just run on OA CLI: set server powerdelay all nopoweron


Dan came back: 

I have OA 3.2.1 and when I try that CLI command it appears to work, but it doesn’t actually change the power settings. Anyone ever see that happen?


Monty replied:

Onboard Administrator (OA) power delay is only used during a cold boot of the entire enclosure – it is not used after the longest delay has passed.  The OA syslog contains a message for the beginning of power delay, each power delay operation and the conclusion of the power delay function.




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