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Blade "poweron" even when set to off

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Blade "poweron" even when set to off

Steve had a blade operational issue:




Is there a known issue with OA allowing servers to stay powered off when inserted into the enclosure (see below)?






Monty provided the needed info:




I have copied the section below from the OA User Guide on device power sequence setting for No Poweron.  As the User Guide indicates, the OA device power sequence only runs when the entire enclosure is first powered on.  In addition, the text below indicates that if the device is configured to auto poweron (ProLiant iLO default), that this device will be powered on after all the other delays have elapsed.


If you don’t desire ProLiant servers to auto poweron when inserted into an enclosure or when power is restored to an enclosure, you must disable this setting in the iLO 2 or iLO 3.



No Poweron—Prevents component power on for the bays with this configuration until after the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator logs PowerDelay has completed for the selected devices. At this time, if the device is configured to auto power-on, the device grants power following an enclosure power cycle after all the Onboard Administrator configuration checks are complete.


If the device is configured to disable auto poweron, the device remains off following an enclosure power cycle independent of the setting of power delay for that bay.