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BladeSystem G7 Servers in 1st Generation Chassis

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BladeSystem G7 Servers in 1st Generation Chassis

Chris had a server & chassis question:




We, meaning HP, had rev’ed the C7000 chassis to support QDR Infiniband I/O Interconnects back around 2009 (that is part of the story anyway).


Can the G7 server interoperate with the 1st gen C7000 prior to the QDR enhancements for the signal midplane?


Looking at a large server refresh and would like to reuse some chassis if possible.




From Scott:




G7 blades work fine in all enclosures (as long as you are not using QDR IB or 6G SAS switch) with proper F/W levels.




Any other questions?

Michael A. McKenney
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Re: BladeSystem G7 Servers in 1st Generation Chassis

It should support it.  I would do all the firmware upgrades on the chassis and components in the chassis before installing the G7 blade.