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BladeSystem Temperature Readings?

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Corby Ziesman
Occasional Visitor

BladeSystem Temperature Readings?


I am trying to find out what temperature readings are normally available from BladeSystems. I can't find the specifics I need in the documentation online, and I don't have a system myself to look at, so I was hoping I could ask some of you here who work with these.

Specifically, what temperature sensors are there? How many? Where are the temperature sensors located? What kind of temperature information is provided? How often does it update? How is the temperature data accessible? Any other specifics?

I know you might not be able to answer all my questions, but if you know off the top of your head the answer to even just one of these questions it would help me out a lot and I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you.

-Corby Ziesman



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Ian Vaughan
Honored Contributor

Re: BladeSystem Temperature Readings?

I have never worried about the specifics of the temp sensors just as long as they tell me when something is wrong. HP Systems Insight manager is very good at this sort of thing. I don't know where the temp sensors are on the blade but I do know that SIM should warn of overtemp conditions and the blades are capable of raising SNMP alerts all you need is a management station listening out for them.

Every blade installation I have done has been in association with beefing up the air-con as they kick out loads of heat. Have a read of the quickspecs and make sure your server room can take the heat. The new c-class blades are suposed to run cooler than the p-class ones.

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Corby Ziesman
Occasional Visitor

Re: BladeSystem Temperature Readings?

Thanks Ian,

I'm not actually installing any of these. What we have installed currently are some blades by Dell. But we're working on some software related to temperature data and want to know how this could be applied to blades from other manufacturers like HP and IBM. I know the Dells we are using have sensors labeled housing-left, housing-right, housing-center, ambient, ps-1, ps-2, switch-1, etc... and I know where these sensors are in the actual blade housing itself. But I have no idea what sensors are in the HP BladeSystems and I can't find any docs with these specifics.

Does the monitoring software you use give specific names for different temperature readings? That could clue me in on where the sensors are located.

Thanks again,
-Corby Ziesman