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BladeSystem and IPMI/DCMI

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BladeSystem and IPMI/DCMI

Timo had a customer question about blade management capabilities:






A customer wants to use IPMI/DCMI for monitoring and managing HP blades.


They are asking me, if we support DCMI enhancements for example get power reading ?


Do we support all commands or subset  ?


Do we have ProLiant specific commands ?


Does both OA and iLO support IPMI or just iLO ?


Any help appreciated .




Rich responded wih some info:




iLO 3 is fully DCMI 1.0 compliant; we pass the DCMI Conformance test suite on the linked page, but due to an error in the test a power cap must be set for the Power section of the test to work correctly.


There are no ProLiant specific commands that are customer facing.


I am not sure why OA would support DCMI/IPMI but you would need to ask them if they do.




Any other input or comments?