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Blades and MDS600 cabling

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Blades and MDS600 cabling

Ramu had an MDS600 connection quesiton:





Would like to know whether the attached cabling is supported in MDS600 with Blades. As per the MDS deployment guide, servers 1-8 are getting connected using SAS switch ports 1-4 and servers 9-16 are connected using SAS switch ports 5-6 (similarly from the second switch for redundancy).


With the proposed cabling, we will have port 1 from both SAS switches connected to each of the MDS600 disk drive drawers and similarly the port 5.


MDS600 deployment guide does not have this configuration, hence asking this question.




Dave replied:




From the P4800 install guide:










Input from Chris:




What Dave is saying is a single MDS drawer (side) should connect to ports 1-4 or ports 5-8 but not both.

Which means 35 disks can either connect to Blades 1-8 or Blades 9-16, but not both. One drawer can connect to SAS ports 1-4 on both SAS switches and be visible to blades 1-8. The other drawer can connect to ports 5-8 and be visible to Blades 9-16.




And some info from Jan:




You will find the cabling here:

Chapter 12, page 90.




Any questions or other suggestions?