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Blinking Red Health LED

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Blinking Red Health LED

I have a BL460c Blade G1 that starts blinking its health LED (red), just moments after inserting it into a bay in a C7000.


What does that typically mean?


I can not seem to figure out what exactly is wrong with it. 


I have run diagnostics using the latest smat start 8.70b diag program and everything it tests always comes up as "passing".


It is using the latest firmware I could find. 


The OA is using 3.71 and the BL 460c is using the l15 from 5/2/2011.


At the moment it seems to power on but I don't see any post on the monitor and once powered on the fans in the c7000 go to full speed.


It seemed to be working ok prior to booting from a usb key with esxi 5.0 installable on it (I think it was update2). At the moment it got the part of about to begin the actual install it gave a lint1 PSOD screen and has not been right since.


Any troubleshooting suggestions or comments are greatly welcomed and appreciated.

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Re: Blinking Red Health LED

I am updating to my own original question.


I have no idea what was going on or why but....


Although I only potsed that question earlier today, that info was from working on the problem yesterday.


In exasperation I simply left the blade powered down and unseated in the bay over night.


Today not a problem. Reseated it, no blinking red light. Installed esxi5 frum usb key to usb key with not a problem.


I had changed nothing.


I have no idea why but happy it seems to be working fine, for now.

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Re: Blinking Red Health LED

Blinking Red Health LED, mean a component is degraded.


An issue I have seen a few times is:

Correctable memory error threshold exceeded.

This will caurse the health LED to blink/flash.

If you reboot the server, it will stop flashing, becaurse the error counter is reset.

It will then begin flash again, once the threshold is exceeded again.

You do not see any entries in the IML.

Running the system test, show no problem.


You will find the error, i the survey tab, in the insight diagnostics, when the LED is flashing.


So if the LED begin flashing during POSt / Boot. Open insight diagnostics, and look in the survey.