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Re: C3000 Port Mapping

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C3000 Port Mapping

Is it possible to switch interconnect ports that are mapped inside a C3000?
Example -- we have an older G8 in device bay 1. The G8 has a 2 Port, 8Gb HBA mezzanine card installed in it. On the back of the C3000 there are 8Gb fiber switches in bays 2 & 4. Currently port 2 of the mezzanine maps to FC switchport 1 in bay bay 4. I would like it to be mapped to switchport 1 on the bay 2 switch. Is this something that is possible? I've attached a pic that might better explain my request.
I've read around online and it doesn't appear so (
Thanks for your help.
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Re: C3000 Port Mapping

All signals is hardwired. That you can't change.

Embedded NICs / LOM is routet to IB 1 (Interconnect Bay).

Mezzanine 1 (First extra I/O) is routet to IB 2.

Mezzeanine 2/3 is routet to IB 3 and 4.

Half hight servers got 2 mezzanine connectors, full hight got 3 mezzanine connectors.


You can move the FC HBA to mezzanine 1, and put a FC swicth in IB 2. But both FC ports will use the same switch then = only 1 fabric.




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