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C7000 Blade Chassis

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C7000 Blade Chassis

Greetings folks,


Newbie question. Server commissioning team wants to provision a new platform (C7000 Series) for a new project. This has been used with Netapp storage controllers but we have not used it with storage from HDS.

I’d like to know some best practices, common pitfalls, etc. in provisioning storage from multiple storage vendors to the C7000 enclosures.


We will be having some bladed in the chassis using storage from Netapp and some from HDS. There won’t be a mixture of HDS and Netapp going to any blade. The switched SAN would be on Brocade 48K directors.


Storage from Netapp would be for Win2008R2 and the storage from HDS would be for Vmware ESX 5.1U2


TIA for your time.



Re: C7000 Blade Chassis


As far as I know there are the same rules for heterogenous SAN (do you have Fiber Channel?) environment  as for homogenous SAN environment.

Thus common best practices for SAN are enough.