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CNA LOM on G7 BL685

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CNA LOM on G7 BL685

Ed had a question regarding the setup of the new CNA LOMs on the G7 blades:





We have a customer that would like to use our 685 G7 and the CNA with our 10Gb Pass Thru module.

If they do that… how do you specify within the BIOS or OS the CNA setup?

In other words …how do you indicate the HBA bandwidth versus the Ethernet bandwidth for the LOM?
Given the fact that we don’t have the VC profile to work with?




Lee provided some info:




The CNA can be configured during system boot by accessing the CNA BIOS or by using the HBAnywhere/OneCommand utility.




Carl also chimed in:




Yes but.


If you do not use Flexfabric there are no bandwidth or other profile options. There is a single 10Gb pipe, one Ethernet and one storage function.


Whether or not the storage function is adjustable would be purely a BIOS setting in the Flexfabric HBA. Do not know if it is possible.




Any other input or comments? Are you using the new G7 blades?