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Can't boot past Emulex 10Gb UNDI init, Can OA disable blade's NICs?

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Can't boot past Emulex 10Gb UNDI init, Can OA disable blade's NICs?

Is there a way to disable NICs on a server blade's BIOS from the Onbord Administrator?

I have a BL680c G7 that had the first NIC enabled and the second and third disabled. I upgraded the firmware on the enabled NIC. When doing to firmware update I noticed that the second and third NICs were not present/updated. When the upgrade was done I rebooted and pressed F9 for BIOS setup. I enabled the second and third NIC in preparation for updating their firmware.

Now the machine won't boot, even to the ROM entry points.

The boot starts normally and proceeds until

Emulex 10GB UNDI, PCE-2.0 BIOS v11.1.183.23
Copyright (C) 2006-2016 BroadcomController Status: Init done                                     Configuring

Then it just hangs there. I'm assuming it can't get past whatever is being configured because the various onboard NICs have different firmware. But now I can't disable any NICs to take them out of the equation because it won't complete its POST routine.

I have already set the maintenance switches to clear the NVRAM and that succeeds but doesn't fix the problem when restored to normal operation positions.

Is there a way from the Onboard Administrator to change a blade's BIOS settings for which NICs are enabled? (Not the iLO ROM, I'm talking about the blade's operating BIOS)