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Can you use BL460cG6 processors in a BL460cG7?

Trusted Contributor

Can you use BL460cG6 processors in a BL460cG7?

Marc had a customer question:




Customer has 10+  X5650 Intel procs from a BL460cG6 with partnumber 595827-B21.

This partnumer is not listed in the G7 QS. The X5650 listed in the BL460cG7 QS has partnumber: 610860-L21.


Questions: will the 595827-B21 X5650 procs from an BL460cG6 work in a BL460cG7, and more important…. is this supported?




Dan replied:




Will it work?  Yes.

Is it supported? Sort of.


The only difference between the two kits is the heat sink.   The heat sink in the “G7” kit is slightly different.   A “G6” heat sink will fit into a G7 server just fine, and vice-versa.    The processor itself is identical in those two kits.


The G7 heat sink is officially supported in a G6 server, but there’s a thermal corner case with using a G6 heat sink in a G7 server.  It’s unlikely you’d ever experience that corner case, but that’s the reason we don’t offer G7 servers with a “G6” heatsink. 


However, if you already have the “G7” heat sinks (e.g. you’re upgrading an existing server), and just use the processor from the G6 processor kit, that would be supported. 


The two kits:

HP BL460c G6 Intel® Xeon® X5650 (2.66GHz/6-core/12MB/95W) Processor Kit  595727-B21

HP BL460c G7 Intel® Xeon® X5650 (2.66GHz/6-core/12MB/95W) Processor Kit 610860-B21




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