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Cannot install 2012 R2 on BL460C G1 Blades

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Cannot install 2012 R2 on BL460C G1 Blades

Hi all,


I have several ProLiant BL460c G1 blade servers where I am trying to install Windows 2012 R2.  I was able to get it installed on one but can't get it installed on the rest.  They all fail with the following error


HP Blade Server Error.png



The media works as I've used it on other systems.  I have tried updating the firmware, using iLo and DVD mounting for the ISO, etc. but no luck.  Same problem on 5+ blades yet one somehow got it installed.


Does anyone have any ideas?  I know that these are older blades and they may not be officially supported on 2012 R2, but I need to get these servers up for testing purposes.


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Re: Cannot install 2012 R2 on BL460C G1 Blades

I've installed it by using a USB stick. I used the Microsoft tool (USB winodws 7/DVD) to install the OS onto a USB stick. I used the configuration only for a week as most of the HP resources are not compatible under the G1 460c. I ran them bare for like a week but just resource wise they are just too slow for a configuration that had 48Gb of memory and 90TB Lefthand attached. They were at one time development and QA servers but there was just not enough power to run the environments anymore. I had to migrate over to a 460c G6.