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CentOS/VMware/VC Flex-10/BL460c G7 info needed

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CentOS/VMware/VC Flex-10/BL460c G7 info needed

John had a CentOS "supported" question:




 I have a customer looking to run CentOS 5/6 both native and in a VMware VMs on BL460c G7s with VC Flex-10 / VC 8/20 / 6120XG modules.


 I found information on running CentOS native on BL460c G7 servers and communicating via 6120XGs but am concerned about running CentOS in a VMware VM and using VC for communications.


 Is it supported?

 Any driver issues/concerns with using VC?

Pointers to any docs/references?




The discussion:


From Mitch:

CentOS is definitely not "supported," although it should work. careful about how you communicate that.

You won't see any driver issues with VC at the virtual machine level. The VMs and really even the hosts (ESX), don't know the VC modules exist. Be more concerned about support and performance for certain FlexNICs in the blade. You may find some Linux community references for this setup, but I'm not aware of any generally available HP doc describing it.


From Yoshiki:

My Service Provider customer has CentOS 5.x on ESX 4.1 U1(not use VDS, PG with tag on vSwitch).

They use one hundred BL460c G7(with NC532m) and VC Flex-10(Tunnel mode) which connect IRF A5500 x6 and IRF 5820 x4.

There is no problem for one year.


Customer knows HP can't support CentOS and they can't call about CentOS.




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