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Configure HP blades hardware settings

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Configure HP blades hardware settings

Hi Folks,


I have multiple HP Blades BL460c G7, G6 servers on which I have to configure specific NIC setings. Is there any tool HP provides which can be used to configure hardware settings on multiple blades?


Your help will be appreciated.





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Re: Configure HP blades hardware settings

Not sure if you mean BIOS settings or OS level settings.

Server BIOS settings can be scripted with a tool called CONREP
If you mean Windows NIC Teaming (aka NCU) there is a command line version in which you can dump the config to a file, change the file and then import. This can be used to stamp out similarly configured servers.

We bundle alot of our automated build tools under a kit known as SSTK. That would be a good place to start reading.