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DDR3 Memory information

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DDR3 Memory information

Cristoph had a memory question:





A customer asked me if it is possible to upgrade Bl460g7 Server that have 4 and 8 GB Memory Dimms installed with the new Dual Rank 16 GB Modules. The Memory Configurator   ( )
is not aware of the two new Dimms and with the old 4 Rank 16 GB it seems to be not allowed to mix.




Dan replied:




Yes, you can add the new dual-rank 16GB DIMMs into a BL460c G7 that’s using the 4GB and 8GB dual-rank DIMMs.        These new DIMMs will run at DDR3-10600 (1333MHz) speed in that case.  Note that these new 16GB DIMMs would NOT run at low voltage in that case; they would run at the “normal” higher voltage.


You are also able to mix the older quad-rank 16GB DIMMs with other DIMMs on a BL460c G7.    It would have caused all memory to run at the slower DDR3-8500 speed, but it would be functional.


That memory recommendation tool will soon be updated to include the new DIMMs. 






Great info Dan. Thanks.